Selection of Forms and Contracts for the Music Industry

If you want to give yourself the best chance of success, going through a proper set-up process is important

A complete selection of music business contracts, (PDF and word doc format!).

SAVE MONEY: These forms and contracts are great to take to a lawyer and ask for updates rather than a whole doc created.

56 Contracts and forms for:

  • BMI
  • Venue booking
  • Co promotion
  • Distribution
  • Video release
  • invoices
  • licensing
  • marketing
  • Merchandising
  • Non disclosure agreement
  • Parental consent
  • Photographer agreement
  • Recording contracts
  • Compilation agreement
  • Sponsorship agreement
  • One Sheet Template
  • Marketing Plan template
  • IRS Forms
  • ISRC registrant application
  • Soundscan form application
  • Nielsen BDS Form
  • Library of Congress forms
  • And more

You should NOT assume that these contracts and forms are legal documents ready for your own deals…IT’S NOT. To be clear, I am NOT giving you legal advice. however it’s a good base to work on.

Get started now!