Ebook : How To Start A Record Label Online

Steps, Insights and Strategies

This book outlines the basics of starting a label online and gives many hints on how to make it profitable.

Start your own independent record label TODAY
A record label will seek out new talent, fund for the recording and mixing of albums, prepare touring, and provide promotion and marketing services to their artists.

In the book:

  • Setting up the business
  • Seeking for artists
  • Make the record
  • Distribution
  • Music Marketing
  • Merchandising
  • Create a Star

  • PDF Included With The Book:

  • One Sheet template
  • Marketing Plan Template
  • SEO Strategy

  • If you want to give yourself the best chance of success, going through a proper set-up process is important. This book will walk you through getting your label up and running.

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    1) Music Licensing Terms And Ressources