How Often Do I Have To Post On Twitter?


Most people that follow you won’t see what you post that’s why you need to overcome your shyness and post several times a day (yes Every day). Post regularly and often because one in 10 of your posts are going to be seen. It’s ok to repost the same things.

What To Post On Twitter?


There are many things to post even if you don’t have any gigs or records to talk about. It’s not just about where you’re playing or where they can buy your cds, you can share more things about yoursel musically (A concert that I attempted, somebody I met at a conference or in the studio, resource pages on niche blogs related to your genre, things that are directly related to your music career that you can post)

Find your Influencer!


You may be fan about other bands and could share about those artists, keep posting about your genre and your name will become an authority too. At the end people will attach your band name to your music niche.
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