All You Need On Twitter Is Human Interaction #MusicMarketing @tferriere

YES! You don't need to be a marketing guru to succeed at Twitter. Ok, it is complicated if you just get started and that's why many bands and artists are missing the key elements that bring success on Twitter.

Once you understand the essential, You'll find out that Twitter is easy and powerful.

In this post I will cover what are the basic things you can do to engage and grow your followers.

1 . Setting Up Your Brand

Branding yourself is essential. This is what will make you memorable to your followers. With a strong brand, you can create a synergy between all your assets on the net. All your social media accounts and websites should have similar graphics and branding elements. (logo, headlines,design, band name,...)

You should also have your Twitter handle on your site as well as social sharing buttons. You can also embed your Twitter feed if possible.

2. What To Post On Twitter

  • Alway try to bring value
  • Be yourself
  • Do some special discount
  • Retweet news in your music niche
  • Tweet sometimes about your personal life
  • Comment on the news in the music industry , use appropriate hashtags
  • What happen during the rehearsal
  • After your last show
  • In the van going to your next performance
  • About your writing process
  • Post a demo
  • Post a link to Youtube
  • Your Blog posts
  • Other blogs you like
  • A bit of self promotion (Use The 80/20 Rule)
  • Other bands you like (Local and national)

The 80/20 rule_on Twitter #MusicMarketing @tferriere

3. Automating your task to save time

  • Buffer – for scheduling tweets on all your social media profiles
  • Hoostuite – the gold product of social media automation (HootSuite Pro - Free 30 day trial)
  • Bitly – shorten URLs and get stats (perfect to see which link is getting traction)
  • BuzzSumo – Find trending articles and content to share
  • Unfollospy - help you accelerate your marketing duties and see who is not following you

4. Be Social and Network

  1. Your goal is to get retweeted by successful Twitter users. This is a great way to get new followers fast. Unless you have personal connection with famous users, you will need to interact first with them. Comment on their post, retweet, ask questions first and post good content.
  2. Follow people and retweet. With Twitter analytics you will be able to find which of your followers are influential. Retweet their post, leave comments. If you are good to them they will help you in return..

5. Twitter Marketing Plan

Any tips you would like to share are welcome in the comments,

Best, Thomas